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Merger and acquisition clients from every corner of the globe, in all segments and classifications turn to IMAP for professional advice. With a rich history of innovation, collaboration and achievement, IMAP advisors work hand-in-hand to optimize the service and success for every client we represent.

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Accelerating Business
October 16-18, 2014

The upcoming IMAP International M&A Symposium brings together senior M&A transaction advisors and representatives of public and private companies to discuss current market developments in Japan and around the globe.

Annual Report

IMAP’s strength and premium service quality continue to allow IMAP to offer significant value for clients under any type of market conditions. IMAP continued to stand out in 2012 and ranked No.3 globally for completed transactions with values up to US $200 million and up to US $500 million.

2011 Transaction & Pricing Report

This report, which presents IMAP's 2011 transaction and pricing data and the results of its 18th annual survey of IMAP advisors, provides a comprehensive review of 2011 and a complete forecast for M&A in 2012.

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The global scope of our advisory services are unmatched. There isn't a strategic business region in the world that we don't serve.

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